About the Novels

The War of Wars, as it comes to be called, is the central conflict about which most stories set in the modern age of Mythania revolve. While the short stories highlight some snapshots and vignettes from the War of Wars, it is the novel series that chronicles the conflict and follows the lives of the leaders, champions, and tyrants of the war. The Mythania novel series originally began in 1998 as a single steam fantasy novel. In outlining, it expanded first to a three-book series, then a six-book series. The books have been in development for nearly ten years; with numerous changes, revisions, and rewrites, it still has a considerable way to go.

A few years back, I decided to post a few short stories for free on the Internet. That idea later grew into the creation of a full-blown web site detailing the history, technologies, and people of Mythania. There are no plans at this time to post the novels online, as I still have hope that they will one day be published.

Today, Mythania.com features numerous articles detailing the history, technology, and people of Mythania as well as various short stories set in the Mythania universe. However, there are no plans at this time to post the novels online. I remain hopeful that the novel series will one day be published.