Maps of the World

The following page shows the geographic maps of the world of Mythania. These maps are shown in two sections. The first is the eastern continent of Tarrona, where most of the stories take place during the War of Wars. The second is the western continent of Celaphania, which has some involvement as well, and which will be host to other stories at some point. The rest of world is largely comprised of the Vast Sea, and is not depicted. You may click on the individual maps to pop-up a larger map.

Also available is a full size map of the entire world, including the Vast Sea (7200 x 3624, and 5 MB).

For a description of the various lands, regions, and geography, please read the article on the Geography of Mythania. For a description of the kingdoms and nations, please read the article on the Kingdoms and Nations of Mythania. For this history of the world, please read the article on the History of Mythania.

All maps are copyright 2000 – 2022, Mark William Chase.

If you would like a full (and very large) map of the entire world (7200×3624, 5 MB), click here.