Nefastus Kyurgie

The Darker Side of Science, by Nicolas Tribehou

Nefastus Kyurgie, or simply kyurgie, is the sinister art of surgery, alchemy, and human instrumentation. Kyurgie is the branch of over-science whose practitioners seek to alter the human body beyond all boundaries of natural physiology. All knowledge of kyurgie was lost with the fall of Marada, but the practice has resurfaced within the past few decades in Grand Imperium. There, in the dark lands of Kendes, kyurgie is anything but the Forbidden Surgery. Indeed, kyurgie is seen by many as a status symbol, and its value in war and combat is obvious.

Kyurgeons are masters of surgery, alchemy, and magic—and, indeed, magic is quintessential to their work. The art of kyurgie may be used to change a person’s face, transplant mechanical parts, and alter of limbs and organs. The attachment of claws, implantation of metal plates and spikes, elongating fingers or limbs, and integration of various machines and instruments into the human body are all done with kyurgical techniques. Even eyes, hearts, lungs, and brains have been known to be transplanted. The eyes, tongues, and other parts of animals may be transplanted into patients who elect for such radical surgery as well.

The branch of kyurgie called human instrumentation is concerned exclusively with the integration of machines and artificial parts into the body. Using magic to bond metal to flesh, this results in the ability to implant machines and mechanical limbs to replace ones that have been lost.

Although kyurgie has a dark and sinister undertone, it is only because its abuse by wicked men who perform grotesque and sadistic experiments upon slaves, prisoners, and criminals to further their desires of twisting and rending human anatomy to its most extreme. But, in the proper hands, kyurgie can help the lame to walk and the blind to see. Only time will tell what will come of this strange and exotic science.

Kyurgical Undead, by Nicolas Tribehou

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