The World of Mythania

The world you are about to discover is a fantastical realm of steam, steel, and sorcery—a world where juggernaut war machines ravage the landscape, where stupendous air fleets dominate the skies, where astral mages battle enchanted automatons, and where the march of progress is moved as much by gears of iron as it is by the weaving of spells.

Glossary of Terms

If you do not wish to read through the entire World of Mythania to find a quick definition, this page highlights some of the most common terms found throughout the books.
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World Geography

Although it would take volumes of texts to catalog and describe every geographic detail of interest, this section summarizes the most significant locations.
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Maps of the World

Maps of the World of Mythania, showing the major geographic areas and countries, including maps of Tarrona, Celaphania, and a full-size, high resolution map ready for download.
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History Overview

From the First Age of Darkness, to the War of Golla and Marada, to the new Age of Progress and the War of Wars, these pages cover a basic overview of history up to the present time, divided into the four major eras.
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Culture & People

These pages detail the major races of Mythania, as well as the major kingdoms and nations, and the religions of the World of Mythania.
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Science & Technology

The new Age of Progress heralds a renaissance of science, industry, and engineering driven by gears of iron and bellowing steam. This section details the science and technology of the World of Mythania, divided by subject.
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Magic and Alchemy

Magic is the manipulation of energy to produce a desired effect. By composing chords of aetheric resonance, mages and other practitioners can generate an almost limitless number of empowerments.
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