The Vast Sea

Vast Sea

The Vast Sea is an enormous ocean, approximately 8,000 miles wide at the equator, between eastern Tarrona and western Celaphania. It has long been considered uncrossable by naval ships and airships alike due to its tremendous width, ferocious cyclones, and lack of charted islands. Although today’s modern steamships and airships could make a crossing attempt, there is little incentive to do so. With trade routes firmly established between Tarrona and Celaphania across the Sea of Isles, there is no economic or military reason to risk charting routes across the Vast Sea.

Megonia, the Frozen Continent, and the Tempest Sea are sometimes classified as belonging to the region of the Vast Sea, although Megonia and the Tempest Sea are more often considered part of Tarrona.

Continent of Megonia

Megonia is a large island-continent south of Tarrona, separated by the Tempest Sea, with the Southern Sea to the south, the Sea of Isles to the west, and the Vast Sea to the east. Megonia is largely unexplored, and it is known to be home to a large number of dragons. The western region, known as Thulmar, has been inhabited by barbarian tribes for centuries, if not millennia. During the Age of Marada, the Triclopes discovered rich orichalium deposits in Thulmar and established numerous mining operations, fortified against the dragons, to extract the magical ore. These mines were once again opened by the Tricarian Empire during the Great Tyranny, but fell into disuse following the end of the War of Tyranny.

Today, Megonia is ruled over by the Dragon-King Kxaathrax. Kxaathrax (a Diamegatrox dragon) is accompanied by his retinue of lesser dragons and several thousand slaves, and rules from his mountaintop palace where he overlooks the extensive mining operations in the valleys below. The ports of Thulmar once again bustles with activity as merchants from around the world come bearing gold and jewels for the Dragon-King to exchange for his wealth of orichalium ore. Kxaathrax is also notable for being the only dragon known to wear robes, jewelry, and a crown. He also has a massive throne upon which he will sometimes perch. It has been said that he looks quite comical in his regalia, but none dare laugh before His Most Majestic Countenance.

The northern Coast of Megonia

The Tempest Sea

The Tempest Sea lies between Tarrona and Megonia. As the name suggest, there a great many storms sweep through the Tempest Sea, but most moving westward from the Vast Sea on the southeast trade winds. Although these storms are not nearly as frequent or powerful as the great cyclones of the Vast Sea, they nevertheless make shipping and navigation (both nautical and aeronautical) difficult. Some of these storms even find their way into the Coral Sea and Sea of Isles.

Frozen Continent

The Frozen Continent, in the south antarctic region, remains the largest unexplored landmass in the world. It is too cold for the establishment of permanent settlements, but a few whaler camps can be found along its northernmost peninsula during the summer seasons. An occasional explorer may venture deeper into this frozen land seeking mythical artifacts and lost civilizations, and many who return claim to have seen great cities and awesome ruins frozen in the glaciers. This has led some scholars to believe that the world may have been warmer at one time, or possibly that the continent may have once been further north. Others believe these ruins may be the remains of ancient Maradian outposts.

The Frozen Continent

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