An Update for 2023

I know I haven’t posted here in a while, but rest assured–I am hard at work on the next epic series taking place in the World of Mythania. These are longer epic fantasy books, and I want to get most of the books in the series finished before publishing.

So it will take a bit of time, unfortunately. I’m not the fastest writer around. On the plus side, you won’t need to wait long between book releases once the new series is ready!

Stay tuned for more details.

– Mark William Chase

Sovereign of the Sky

Audiobook Sample for The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard

Are you in the mood for a steampunk fantasy detective audiobook? Well, if you are (and even if you aren’t), here’s the first 5 minutes of “The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard,” complete with original artwork (and a couple of stock images) for your listening and viewing enjoyment.

If you are interested in the full audiobook, it is available for sale now at Audible. If audiobooks aren’t your cup of tea, you can get a Kindle or print edition at Amazon.

Aldicus Vescard Audiobook Available Now

Magic, mayhem, and maniacal madmen! The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard audiobook is available now at

Detective Vescard knows all too well the monsters and madmen who prowl the fog-veiled streets of Corradon. He is, after all, a monster himself. But crime ever turns in the Clockwork City, and none are more suited to investigate those sinister deeds of criminal sorcery than the city’s greatest detective magus.

Aldicus Vescard Audiobook Release Date

I am happy to announce The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard audiobook has a release date! Produced by Podium Audio and narrated by the fantastic voice talent Phil Thron, The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard will be released to Audible on April 26th, 2022.

Preorders are being taken right now on Audible. You can drop by the Audible page and order now, especially if you are already subscribe to Audible Premium.

How Does Print-On-Demand Work?

Have you ever wondered how print-on-demand works? No? Well, be that as it may, I’ve found a pretty nice video showing how Amazon fulfilment prints books on demand. They call it “make-on-demand,” but whatever.

The most surprising thing for me was how many manual steps are actually involved. Truth be told, I thought it was 100% automated at this point. But this does explain how printing mistakes happen from time to time.

Anyway, check out the video if you’re curious. And if you want to see the finished product of a print-on-demand book, just buy a print copy of one of mine!

New Art for Aldicus Vescard

The talented Giovanni Panarello has created some wonderful new artwork, bringing to life The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard. The first two illustrations show Detective Vescard and his apprentice, Keldon, facing off against some of the threats they have faced in their investigations deep below the Clockwork City. The third illustration is of Vescard looking out across the vast, industrial cityscape… With a few shady characters lurking about.

If you would like to see more of Giovanni Panarello’s work, please drop by his portfolio on ArtStation and check out some of his amazing illustrations.

The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard is available as eBook and paperback on

Sorcery Deep Below
Battling a Mechanical Monstrosity
Overlooking the Clockwork City

An Update for the Year Ahead

The year 2021 has passed and 2022 now lies ahead. For those of you reading this who have been following me or who have been reading my books, this update is for you!

In 2020, I published the six novellas of the Siege Chronicles series. In January 2021, I released Siege Chronicles: The Complete Series, which combined the six novellas into a single collection. This book was also made available in a print edition, and in July of 2021 the audiobook edition was released, narrated by Michael Reimer.

In June of 2021, I published The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard, in both ebook and print editions. I have since received many requests for an audiobook edition, and I am happy to tell you that one is in the planning stages.

But what lies ahead for 2022? Not much that will be released, I am sorry to say. The big item will be the release of the audiobook for the Case Files of Aldicus Vescard. However, I do not have an ETA on that, as it is being produced by an audiobook company that has a bit of a backlog.

My plans for the rest of the year are to continue work on my epic fantasy series, The War of Wars, which has been years in the making. The War of Wars series takes place in the world of Mythania—the same setting for Siege Chronicles (which also takes place during the War of Wars) and The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard.

I wish I could say when you can expect to see the first book of the War of Wars series, but even I do not know. I hope to complete the first few books this year, and have first drafts of the others next year (in 2023), at which point I may begin releasing the series. But these books are epic-length fantasy novels (i.e., 600+ printed pages) so each draft takes a long time to write, to say nothing of revisions and editing.

All I can tell you is to stay tuned. Watch for the upcoming audiobook for The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard, perhaps sometime in the first half of the year, and drop by occasionally to see if I have posted more updates.

You can also join my newsletter to stay informed, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or the Twitter account for Mythania. Thank you!

Review of “The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard”

I had not even realized it, but Readers’ Favorite book review site has a five-star review up for The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard. That’s exciting!

Just to quote a few points from the review:

The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard has strong echoes of Sherlock Holmes, mixed with magic and steampunk adventure. Set in the Clockwork City of Corradon, it follows Aldicus, a once powerful and conceited mage who has lost his powers but has not lost his ability to see through all subterfuge, pursuing justice to its source no matter where that might be.

This is the first book I’ve read by Mark William Chase, but it will not be the last. The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard starts as a love note to Sherlock Holmes. It immediately feels warm and engaging, but it quickly transports you into a world of incredible imagination.

Honestly, I don’t know what the reviewer means by “a love note to Sherlock Holmes.” I can assure you, there is no such love note in the stories. Regardless, the review is very nice, and if you want to read the review in its entirety, you can do so on the Readers’ Favorite website.

Of course, be sure to pick up a copy (ebook or print) of The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard on Amazon today.

Siege Chronicles Audiobook Sample

Here’s a 5-minute preview clip for my Siege Chronicles audiobook. If you’re interested in giving it a listen, just click the video to play. And make sure your audio is on, because this is an audiobook after all.

If you are interested in listening to the full audiobook, it is available for sale now at Audible. If audiobooks aren’t your cup of tea, you can get a Kindle or print edition at Amazon.