Science & Technology

Fifteen hundred years after the cataclysmic War of Golla and Marada, the world of Mythania has at last achieved a state of technological and scientific progress nearing that of the legendary empire of Marada. This new “Age of Progress” heralds a renaissance of science, industry, and engineering driven by gears of iron and bellowing steam.

Basic Overview

More has been learned in the past 100 years than in all the dark centuries following the fall of Marada. Yet, much of what is now known is simply a re-discovery of the secrets lost in the cataclysmic war of long ago. With the advent of steam and ichor locomotion, advanced alchemical reagents, gunjuice, aether manipulation, powered flight, and clockwork automatons, many believe the birth of a new empire of science and magic is at hand.
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Marvelous Machines

A mechanism is any device or apparatus that implements the principles of mechanics in its basic functions for practical or experimental use. Automatic machines are becoming increasingly common, and these include clockwork devices, flying machines, analytical engines, locomobiles, and automatons. Many of these are magical in some way, incorporating aetheric energy sources, alchemical metals, or empowerments. More ordinary and everyday mechanisms are powered by clockworks, pneumatics, steam engines, ichor engines, and similar power sources.
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Fantastical Materials

There are many magical and alchemical materials that go above and beyond ordinary materials such as wood, stone, iron, and steel. Although some such materials can be found in nature, such as novarite from Nuram or starshard and tektite from meteors, alchemical metals can only be forged by an alchemist.
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Of Land, Sea, and Air

From horse drawn carriages to thundering locomotives to soaring airships and aircruisers, there’s more than one way to get around in the World of Mythania.
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Airship by Jean Paul Fiction

Weapons of War

Since the dawn of history, people have employed the use of those most devious tools of ruinous invention: weapons. In short, a weapon is tool, instrument, or implement used to inflict harm. In desperate hands anything can be a weapon—a stick, a rock, a plate, a rope, or just about any object that can be swung or thrown. But generally speaking, weapons are those things specifically designed to be weapons. These include traditional weapons, powered melee weapons, firearms, mechanical guns, and cannons and artillery.
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Over-science is the usage of magic in man-made devices to power or enhance them, or to create devices that are in some way magical. Over-science devices include aetheric batteries, aetheric motors, aetheric dynamos, aetheric impellers, and so forth, as well as more advanced elemental furnaces, aurium furnaces, and solaonic reactors.
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Nefastus Kyurgie

Kyurgie is the branch of over-science whose practitioners seek to alter the human body beyond all boundaries of natural physiology. The attachment of claws, implantation of metal plates and spikes, elongating fingers or limbs, and integration of various machines and instruments into the human body are all done with kyurgical techniques.
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The Darker Side of Science, by Nicolas Tribehou