Science & Technology

A thousand years after the cataclysmic War of Golla and Marada, the world of Mythania has at last achieved a state of technological and scientific progress nearing that of the legendary empire of Marada. This new “Age of Progress” has heralded a renaissance of science, industry, and engineering driven by gears of iron and bellowing steam. Yet much of the world still remains locked in the agrarian mentality of preindustrial civilization.

Basic Overview

More has been learned in the past 100 years than in all the dark centuries following the fall of Marada. Yet, much of what is now known is, in fact, a re-discovery of the secrets lost in the cataclysmic war that wiped the great civilizations from the world 1,500 years ago. With the advent of steam and ichor locomotion, advanced alchemical reagents, aether manipulation, powered flight, and clockwork automatons, many believe the birth of a new empire of science and magic is at hand.
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Marvelous Machines

A mechanism is any device or apparatus that implements the principles of mechanics in its basic functions for practical or experimental use. Automatic machines are becoming increasingly common, and these include clockwork devices, flying machines, analytical engines, locomobiles, and automatons. Some of these are magical in some way, incorporating magical energy sources, alchemical metals, or enchantments. More ordinary and everyday mechanisms are powered by clockworks, pneumatics, steam engines, ichor engines, and similar power sources.
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Amazing Automatons

Most automatons are simple clockwork devices that perform singular tasks and are built having no legs. More complex automatons have advanced analytical engines, optographic eyes, dexterous arms, and a phonographic register that allows them to discern sounds. Automatons can perform tasks, such as playing a piano or other musical instrument, shuffling and dealing cards, or “telling” jokes and stories. Most are powered by clockworks, pneumatics, or batteries, and they are controlled by a mechanical enumerator with punch cards or punch tape reels.
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Fantastical Materials

In the World of Mythania, there are many magical and alchemical materials that go above and beyond ordinary materials such as wood, stone, iron, and steel. Although some such materials can be found in nature, such as novarite from Nuram or starshard and tektite from meteors, alchemical metals can only be forged by an alchemist.
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Aircruiser, by Andrew Porter