The Kindred of the Wretched
Goblins are nasty and war-like race of hominids, standing several feet shorter than humans (45 to 50 inches tall), weighing anywhere from 100 to 130 pounds, and having lanky, disproportionate arms. They are mostly hairless and have sharp teeth and pronounced canines; a long, pointed nose; large yellow eyes; and tapering ears.

Goblins Attacking, by Nicolas Tribehou

Goblin skin tone ranges from gray to sallow green to dark brown-green. Gray and sallow green goblins are found primarily in northern Tarrona, in the Dark Kingdoms (the Grand Imperium) and in the Frozen North beyond. Green and dark green goblins (also called forest goblins or woodland goblins) can be found in the forest lands of Tarrona and in all regions of Celaphania—especially the Azanian Jungle.

There has been some debate as to whether goblins are actually hominids or an entirely separate species, as they cannot crossbreed with humans—not that anyone has ever tried. Goblins are considered a nuisance and a threat to civilization in all regions of the world except the Dark Kingdoms, where they have been enslaved by the Ogrum and Scaithi. Goblins are now used as “cannon-fodder” troops to help fuel the war machine of the Grand Imperium.

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