The Kindred of the City
Humans constitute the most populous race in the world. In and of themselves, humans are a diverse race, and among their kind are numerous ethnic groups. The major ethnic groups are Celanian, Medrean, Azanian, Islander, Tarrian, and Suddaean. Humans are sometimes pejoratively called “boguns” by other races, much as humans calls Ogrum “ogres”, Scaithi “darklings”, or Eldren “elds.”

Human Warrior, by Carlos Diaz

Celanians include those peoples native to northern Celaphania, but they have migrated across the entire world and are found throughout Tarrona as well. They are distinguished by their pale skin, fair colored hair, and thick facial hair on men if that hair is left untrimmed. Medreans are found throughout the western Medrean region, including Glaven, and are very similar to Celanians, but have bronze to olive color and light brown to black hair. Azanians are the people native to Azanian Jungle and the surrounding lands and have brown to dark tan skin, black hair, higher cheek bones, and a less pronounced nose than Celanians and Medreans. Islanders are similar to Medreans (likely being descended from them), but are shorter in stature and leaner. Suddaeans are dark skinned and have dark hair, and the men will generally grow significant beards unless the facial hair is trimmed. Tarrians have light but ruddy tinged skin, with hair color ranging from dark brown to red to golden blond.

Suddaeans (once called Urrians) and Tarrians are the only humans native to Tarrona, having been present in Tarrona since before the days of Eram-Ur. It should be noted that the word Tarrian is simply the Eldren word for humans (from Tarriéne, meaning “people of the country”), and most humans of Tarrona identify themselves as Tarronans or by their nation (such as Tilshan or Strigovian). Those in the east may identify as Antarian, after the great kingdom of Antaria that once dominated eastern and central Tarrona.

Other races sometimes refer to humans as “Sons of the City” or “Kindred of the City” because humans build great cities and have lived in heavily urbanized environments for thousands of years, which is something that many other races dislike.

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