The Kindred of the Stars
A Triclops (Triclopes in plural form) is very similar to humans in appearance but for one outstanding feature: a third eye. This third eye is centered on the forehead, about an inch above the nose ridge. Under normal conditions, this third eye looks just like the other two, but when a Triclops is using his psychic powers, the eye glows blue, white, green, red, or a variety of other colors, depending on his mood and/or the extent of his powers. The eye can be covered by jewelry, headbands, or a large hat or helm. When concealed, it is almost impossible to distinguish a Triclops from a human. However, covering the eye hampers a Triclops’s powers.

Triclopes do have a few other features that differentiate them from humans. Their facial features are more angular (most noticeably in the nose and chin), and their canine teeth are also slightly pronounced. Their hair color ranges from black to light brown to various hues of red and blond. Their eye color also ranges from dark brown to hazel, blue, or green.

Most Triclopes possess only minor telepathic or empathic abilities, and generally use these abilities only to detect danger, sense emotions, or telepathically communicate with other Triclopes. Some also have the abilities of clairvoyance, psychometry, and premonitions. Very few Triclopes can actually read minds, and fewer still can perform detailed psychic delvings, but this does not change the false perception that all Triclopes can read minds. Triclopes mages and sorcerers are no more powerful than a human mage or sorcerer with similar training.

Today, the Triclopes race is thought to be extinct. There were never many of their kind to begin with, perhaps 20,000 at most, and the bloody carnage and the end of the War of Tyranny saw thousands slaughtered in the uprising that toppled the Great Tyranny. Countless thousands more died when Prince Zotzual fell, his death sending out a kind of psychic “kill command” to all remaining Triclopes.

Triclops Lords

Triclops Lords were the most powerful of all the Triclopes, and they can trace their noble lineages directly back to their powerful, but long forgotten, ancestors. Triclops Lords are nearly immortal and extremely powerful, possessing tremendous telepathic and telekinetic powers.

The dominance of the Tricarian Triumvirancy began around 790 CA when First Lord Xoctlzan restored the throne of Tricar. By 1300 CA, the Triclops Lords controlled island-continent of Megonia, and much of the Southern Sea and Coral Sea. During the War of Tyranny, the Triclops Lords came to be known as Tyrant Lords, during which time they committed horrendous atrocities and enslaved millions to serve as mindless drones in their psychically controlled armies. Currently, the Triclops Lords are thought to be extinct—their lineages extinguished at the end of the War of Tyranny.

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