Aircruiser Siege Released

Aircruiser Siege, Book 4 of The Siege Chronicles, is available now on

In route to the last bastion of the Baronies of Ambricar, Davrick, Sid, and Talyaana fly headlong into the Grand Imperium’s blockade armada. When the remaining Baronial blockade runners go down in the sulfur shoals, they hasten to find survivors—and, with any luck, parts to repair their crippled ornithopter. But after rescuing a dashing captain and her crew from a fearsome enemy attack, they learn that one of the downed blockade runners carried a wondrous artifact vital to the war effort.

With the artifact now in enemy hands, Davrick and the others must join the captain and her scrappy crew in a daring raid on the Imperium flagship—a colossal aircruiser commanded by the vile Tenebrean Order. Facing ranks of fanatical soldiers, sorcerous adversaries, and human-machine monstrosities, Davrick begins to question his foolhardy decision to help the dashing lady captain.

Aircruiser Siege is the fourth novella of the six-part Siege Chronicles.