Demon Realm Siege Released

Demon Realm Siege, Book 6 of The Siege Chronicles, is available now on

Finding themselves stranded on the scarred, volcanic world of Atracus, Davrick, Sid, Talyaana, and the rest hold onto their seats as Skyjammer plunges through the spiraling astral vortex. Finding themselves trapped on the scarred volcanic realm, the intrepid adventurers must survive a host of nightmarish creatures inhabiting the infernal terrain. Rescued by a party of hunters from a nearby town, they soon learn of the demon-ruled empire bent on escaping their eternal prison to conquer all creation.

Vastly outnumbered and hopelessly outmatched, the team fights their way across the twisted alien world, desperately seeking the way back home. But with an unholy armada thundering for the vortex, Davrick must decide: do they seal the portal to save their world, marooning themselves on the demon-moon, or do they seize their one chance at escape, dooming millions to the onslaught of the fellspawn legions?

Demon Realm Siege is the sixth and final novella of the Siege Chronicles.