Artwork Showcase

I would like to take a moment to showcase some of the wonderful artwork created for the World of Mythania by various talented artists from around the world. You can see all the artwork commissioned so far in the art gallery, but here are just a few good examples.

The Gunslinger and the Mage by Joewie Aderes
Kendes Juggernaut by Jean Paul Fiction
Battle-Train Siege by Alejandro Burdisio
A very angry ogre by Nicolas Tribehou

To see more, just drop by the art gallery. And look for more great artwork coming soon.

Demon Realm Siege Released

Demon Realm Siege, Book 6 of The Siege Chronicles, is available now on

Finding themselves stranded on the scarred, volcanic world of Atracus, Davrick, Sid, Talyaana, and the rest hold onto their seats as Skyjammer plunges through the spiraling astral vortex. Finding themselves trapped on the scarred volcanic realm, the intrepid adventurers must survive a host of nightmarish creatures inhabiting the infernal terrain. Rescued by a party of hunters from a nearby town, they soon learn of the demon-ruled empire bent on escaping their eternal prison to conquer all creation.

Vastly outnumbered and hopelessly outmatched, the team fights their way across the twisted alien world, desperately seeking the way back home. But with an unholy armada thundering for the vortex, Davrick must decide: do they seal the portal to save their world, marooning themselves on the demon-moon, or do they seize their one chance at escape, dooming millions to the onslaught of the fellspawn legions?

Demon Realm Siege is the sixth and final novella of the Siege Chronicles.

Blood Mountain Siege Released

Blood Mountain Siege, Book 5 of The Siege Chronicles, is available now on

With the hard-fought battles for the war-torn Baronies of Ambricar now behind them, Davrick, Sid, and Talyaana finally have a chance to catch their breath. But no sooner have they settled into their new digs than they are attacked by a coterie of vampire operatives searching for the Dragon Stone of Ethrasaur. Teaming up with the mage Athanneus and his Eldren assistant, they quickly unearth a sinister plot to awaken an unspeakable evil from a long-lost citadel-temple.

Enlisting aid from Captain Naela and her daring crew, the team sets off for the Carsovian Mountains aboard the ship Skyjammer to thwart the Tenebrean Order’s twisted bid for world domination. Beset by vampire commandos, elite Vrholv troops, and brutish mercenaries, Davrick can only hope they’re not too late to foil the enemy’s diabolical plot.

Blood Mountain Siege is the fifth novella of the six-part Siege Chronicles.

Aircruiser Siege Released

Aircruiser Siege, Book 4 of The Siege Chronicles, is available now on

In route to the last bastion of the Baronies of Ambricar, Davrick, Sid, and Talyaana fly headlong into the Grand Imperium’s blockade armada. When the remaining Baronial blockade runners go down in the sulfur shoals, they hasten to find survivors—and, with any luck, parts to repair their crippled ornithopter. But after rescuing a dashing captain and her crew from a fearsome enemy attack, they learn that one of the downed blockade runners carried a wondrous artifact vital to the war effort.

With the artifact now in enemy hands, Davrick and the others must join the captain and her scrappy crew in a daring raid on the Imperium flagship—a colossal aircruiser commanded by the vile Tenebrean Order. Facing ranks of fanatical soldiers, sorcerous adversaries, and human-machine monstrosities, Davrick begins to question his foolhardy decision to help the dashing lady captain.

Aircruiser Siege is the fourth novella of the six-part Siege Chronicles.

Gearmeister Siege Released

Gearmeister Siege, Book 3 of The Siege Chronicles, is available now on

Having survived another death-defying battle, Davrick hopes he might finally get a chance to rest easy. But word soon arrives of a major Resistance defeat at the hands of the Grand Imperium’s relentless legions. Those not killed have been taken to the enemy’s most notorious death camp—among them, Sid’s younger sister, the brilliant analytical engineer, Adara Voltelion. Setting off once more in their trusty ornithopter, Davrick, Sid, and Talyaana join up with the last remnants of the Resistance—a bedraggled logistics unit of absent-minded gearmeisters and war-weary soldiers.

But Sid and the other gearmeisters devise a plan not only to liberate the prisoners, but to steal the Imperium’s most vital military codes. Facing a legion of armored war-trolls, battle-trained sorcerers, and machine-augmented soldiers, Davrick wonders if any of them will escape the siege alive. And how is Sid even related to the gutsy girl leading the charge to capture the fortress’s thundering analytical engine?

Gearmeister Siege is the third novella of the six-part Siege Chronicles.

Gearmeister Siege / Aircruiser Siege Cover Art

I would like to share with you today the cover art for Gearmeiser Siege and Aircruiser Siege novellas. The covers art was created by Jean Paul Fiction (that’s not his last name, but what he prefers as his illustrator name). Jean Paul Fiction is a wonderful illustrator and concept artist for machines and vehicles, and especially of those with more fantastical or sci-fi elements, as is evident on his ArtStation portfolio. I encourage you to check out some of his other illustrations.

Gearmeister Siege and Aircruiser Siege will be available for Amazon Kindle soon, and can already be pre-ordered.

Mercenary Siege Released

Mercenary Siege, Book 2 of The Siege Chronicles, is available now on

After escaping the battle-train in a stolen ornithopter, Davrick, Sid, and Talyaana are out of fuel and forced to land. Pursued by enemy search parties, the trio sets off across the scarred battlefields of a kingdom crushed by unrelenting war. Finding refuge with an old farmer and his wife, they soon learn of the rival mercenary companies quarreling over a valuable alchemical refinery—a refinery that might just have what they need to refuel their thopter and make their escape.

With an audacious plan to dupe the enemy mercs and snag the fuel, the team finds themselves caught in an all-out slugfest between sorcerous armies, elemental constructs, and juggernaut war machines. As their well-laid plans spiral into a free-for-all firefight through the heart of the perilous refinery, Davrick wonders at the wisdom of their dubious scheme. And was it really such a good idea to let a sell-spell sorcerer borrow the legendary Dragon Stone of Ethrasaur?

Mercenary Siege is the second novella of the six-part Siege Chronicles.

Battle-Train Siege Released

Battle-Train Siege, Book 1 of The Siege Chronicles, is available now on

A bounty hunter with a price on his head, Davrick Caliburn must evade the sorcerous reach of the Grand Imperium. Never mind the fact that his new employer is a vampiric blood-baroness—she’s promised him a pocket full of coins and a one-way ticket out of the occupied city of Kardre. The only problem: that “ticket” is aboard an Imperium battle-train.

Joining forces with a dandy-dressed astral mage, a maladroit gearmeister, and an ill-tempered thief, the team will storm the battle-train to pilfer an ancient dragon stone powerful enough to turn the tide of war. But between the killer automatons, elite enemy troops, and the fiendish sorcerer who leads them, Davrick can only wonder what kind of a mess he’s gotten himself into this time. And what does a master vampire want with a mythical dragon stone anyway?

Battle-Train Siege is the first novella of the six-part Siege Chronicles.

Cover Art for “Battle-Train Siege”

Here’s the cover art for my upcoming book, Battle-Train Siege, Book 1 of the Siege Chronicles (sans the title and author name). The illustration was made by Alejandro Burdisio, a fantastic illustrator of dieselpunk and early 1920’s style sci-fi vehicles and machinery. Check out his portfolio on ArtStation–the colors, details, and style are amazing!

You can order Battle-Train Siege now for Amazon Kindle.